Hello everyone out there in Internet Land!

To begin, I lied about making a short-story web-comic while the missus was away. However, that time WAS spent well, as I managed to get this website up and running.

Just to let you in on a few details about this first project: It will be a short-story, possible one of three based on the same subject. The title of this story is SIMON, and it is about a day in the life of a young man… as well as the trials and tribulations of the crew of an advanced warship.

More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available. Right now I am finishing up character and mechanical designs, and will begin story-boarding shortly. Sure, this is a lot of work going into what will probably be a 25-30 page story, but I like to keep it real, you know? Plus, if the story does work out into a trilogy, I’ll have most of the work done!

Anyhow, stay tuned to this channel. Good things are coming.