Here is my most recent pen and marker drawing. Click the image to see a larger version, and read below for notes on the subject, as well as the creation of the image.


Subject: This is yet another Macross-related image. The plot original Macross television series and its subsequent movie adaptation (Super Dimension Fortress Macross [1982] and Macross: Do You Remember Love? [1984]) was not only a science fiction story about mankind’s first war with an aggressive alien force, but was also a bit of a soap opera with a love triangle between ace pilot Hikaru Ichijo, military officer Misa Hayase, and young Lynn Minmay (an up-and-coming pop star) who is, arguably, the most popular character in the entire series, and is one of the most popular anime characters of all time. Due to budget constraints with the DYRL? movie, a planned epilogue meant to run during the credits was put on hold. Finally released in 1987, Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flashback 2012, or simply known as Flashback 2012 was a collection of songs from the original series and movie set to footage from both, as well as the anticipated release of the planned epilogue: a short, five-minute video featuring our main characters.

Mankind, beginning to recover from the devastation from what is known as Space War I, is embarking on its first mission to colonize the stars. Misa Hayase is now captain of the SDF-2 Megaroad-01, a giant colony ship with tens of thousands of colonists aboard. Hikaru Ichijo is commander of the Megaroad’s air wing, and is also piloting the newest advanced fighter in the inventory, the VF-4 Lightning III. Lynn Minmay, the world’s most famous pop star, is also among the colonists.

The video centers around the celebrated launch of the Megaroad-01, and also features symbolic imagery of the young Minmay staying behind on Earth, while the mature and adult Minmay travels to the stars.

A fairly good copy of the video is below. The animation is spectacular, even to this day. Considering this is 25 years-old makes it even more spectacular.


About the drawing: This is actually a kind of do-over of this image from back in 2004. This image was done entirely in pen and marker, and measures 17″ x 14″.

What we see is Misa and Hikaru in the bottom left corner, with the sleek VF-4 Lightning III behind them. Cutting behind the VF-4 is Lynn Minmay in her performance outfit from the video and, finally, a part of the gigantic SDF-2 Megaroad-01 in the background.

I tried many new and different things with my markers for this one, to varying degrees of success. For the purple and pink fabrics crossing Minmay’s chest and waist, as well as her head scarf, I tried to emulate the original animation and refrained from using solid black lines, in order to create a more soft and flowy feeling. Regretfully, a “marker malfunction” left me with no choice but to put Minmay’s face in more shadow than I had planned, but it kind of works out considering she is under stage lights, yes? I also have to admit that I made a big error in applying Minmay’s lipstick, and am not very happy with how it positions her mouth. Errrr…

For the Megaroad in the background, I used a technique of varying greys and black, as well as multi-layering shades of colors in order to get a slightly blurred look. I’m not sure how well it turned out, but I hope it looks OK.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.