Feb 222012

Congratulations to Curtis, the first winner of the Aplenia Studios “Every 100 Fans” random prize giveaway! Curtis has won a t-shirt with the brand new “Resisting Tyrannical Government” design!

Here he is in sunny Malibu sporting his newest favorite apparel! Looking GOOD!!!


Remember, this free prize giveaway goes for every 100 fans, COMBINED, between the Facebook and Google+ Asplenia Studios pages. So be sure to share Asplenia Studios with all of your friends. Maybe YOU can be the winner for the 200 fans prize!!!


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Feb 192012

Just wanted to let everyone know that Mrs. Asplenia Studios popped out a little Asplenia Studios early Thursday morning, so we’ve been away from the drawing table for a bit. Never fear, all new strips of We Call Them Freedom Fries as well as other projects will be resumed soon! Thank you for your patience and support.

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Feb 092012

Well, another birthday has come and gone. Time slowly passes, creeping toward old age.

Or, at least, that is how a lot of people feel about it. Me, on the other hand…

I guess it is telling that, going into this birthday, I sincerely thought that I was going to turn 38 years old when, in fact, I am only turning 37. It is a good thing my wife caught this little slip-up before my birthday party last Saturday, where we had a trivia quiz and one of the questions was “How old is Jeff going to be?”

But that “little slip-up” is, in my mind, indicative of something more. I don’t feel old. Well, at least mentally I don’t. I mean, sure, I can tell that my body is not as young and spry as it used to be (was it ever really ‘spry’?). And that male-pattern baldness seems to be creeping in a bit faster than I would’ve expected, given that a majority of my elder family members still had some hair when they kicked off.

Either way, to me age just isn’t something I really stress about. So I am getting older. We all are. There is not one person who isn’t getting older, unless they are frozen in carbonite, or dead. Of all the immutable universal facts of existence that bear down on us, aging is one that we really are kind of stuck with. And why bother getting all worried about something you cannot change?

If there was ever one thing I was/am concerned about, it was the late start the missus and I had in breeding future organ donors… I mean, children. When you think about it, I am going to be 55 when our first child turns 18. Although I am probably wrong, in my head that IS old. I can’t imagine myself being any more young and spry then as I am now, and I can entirely imagine myself being much less so. I have a hard time seeing myself as an active father at that age. I mean, I will probably already be in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag hooked up to me. Not that I am stressing about that, but I just feel kind of bummed about what kind of physically active role I will be able to take in our child’s life, you know?

But, one thing is for sure, time sure does start slipping by a lot faster as you get older. Mayhap this is because, when you are young, you are constantly experiencing new and interesting things. Filling your cranial filing cabinet, if you will. But once you get older and are expected to start doing some routine job day-in and day-out, the mind starts blanking out all of the repetitious crap that is in no way stimulating and only remembers the fun stuff you get to do every other weekend, or once a month, if you are lucky. For that reason, you recall less events over the past year, and that makes time seem to go a lot faster. I know that, in my case, I can clearly remember last year’s birthday party just like it was a month or two ago. Wow…

Anyhow, there really isn’t that much else going on with this blog post today. Just thought I would share my thoughts on another year in the barrel, and finally making it to to my 43rd birthday!

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Feb 082012

I’ve had this image in my head for about two decades and FINALLY got around to doing something about it. This is drawn in pen and colored in photoshop. Unusual for me, I decided to make it look more like an old print, with very solid colors and little/no gradient shading.

I have taken the title “Resisting Tyrannical Government” from the name of a Propagandhi song.

This image will soon be available on a plethora of clothing and other items from the Asplenia Studios store!

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Feb 082012

As the title suggests, the Asplenia Studios store is back and you can now make purchases again. You may note that the “Buy” tab has returned to the menu above. This link now takes you to a separate page, from which you can navigate to the store of your choice (I am working on getting each individual store as a sub-menu on the pull-down menu so that, in the future, you don’t even have to go to the “Buy” page).

Of course, you may also have noticed some things are different. So let’s deal with the changes via a little Q&A:

Q: Hey, your store looks a lot different! What’s up?

Previously, when I was under the moniker TWDC Studios, I used a company called Printfection for my store and print-on-demand services. However, while the staff was, bar none, friendly, helpful, and courteous, the sad fact remains that I was mostly unimpressed and, at times, dissatisfied with the quality of their printing. While I wish Printfection the best and hope that, as they grow, they can continue to improve, at this juncture I simply cannot allow for my customers to receive products of questionable quality.

Because of this, I have moved the store to a larger POD service, Zazzle.

Q: OK, so I went to the “Buy” page, and saw a bunch of flags. What’s up with that, smart guy?

Zazzle operates internationally, and has localized services around the world. By accessing your country’s local Zazzle page (or the country nearest to you), you can not only browse and make purchases in a language you are familiar with, but can also save loads on shipping costs. For example, Printfection did all of their work in Colorado in the USA. So imagine the shipping costs someone in Europe would have to pay just to have a t-shirt or a mug delivered (trust me, I am living in France right now, and it costs A LOT)! By purchasing through your local Zazzle, you pay less and get the items faster!

Q:  So are these other country’s sites any different?

Except for the language, no. No matter which local site you go to, as long as it is Asplenia Studios (usually noted by the “/aspleniastudios” after the main address), it will always have the same merchandise.

Q: That’s pretty awesome!

That was a comment and not a question, but I’ll let it pass this time.

Q: But I remember the old store having a lot more products. Where are they?

The Zazzle process takes a little bit longer to create a product, and some of the old ones are being retired. Never fear, updates will be sent out whenever an old product is ready for the Zazzle store.

Q: How come some of the clothing only comes on white fabric or dark fabric?

I have the option to create items on “light”-colored clothing. However, the color of the fabric tends to show through, especially on parts of the design that are light-colored as well. This, in turn, fundamentally changes the image and, to me, looks bad. So I intentionally choose not to offer it.

Q: Why does the design title say “t-shirt” or “t-shirts” when I can actually choose any clothing, like hoodies, or onesies?

That is Zazzle’s gig. They explained to me that their system automatically adds text describing whatever the item was originally created as no matter what, and it cannot be changed. Never fear, if the sub-category is clothing, then you can get the design on all types of clothing, and not just t-shirts.

Q: Well, thanks for explaining all of that.

You’re welcome. 

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