Below we see the first rough sketch of the OTCticon “Grasshopper”. What is an OTCticon? See below


About the sketch/design:

the OTCticons will be each be reminscent of a particular style of Japanese robot/mecha designs. Grasshopper’s overall design, and even his pose in this sketch, owes a lot to the Motoslave from the animated series “Bubblegum Crisis”. These designs are my little way of honoring the many mechanical-design influences that Japanese anime and manga have had on my art throughout my life.

What’s an OTCticon?

OTC Analytics is a small team of data-lovers who believe that we work to LIVE and life is too short for beautiful dashboards to be hard to build.”

Essentially, OTC Analytics is going to provide low-cost dashboard solutions to everyone from individuals and small groups to large businesses.

Asplenia Studios has joined with OTC Analytics to create a series of robots, six of which represent the ascending tiers of service (each tier determines the amount of dashboards and cost, all tiers come with unlimited users, spreadsheets, widgets, etc.). These are the OTCticons. The seventh and final OTCticon, OTUS, is the proverbial leader of the team (you can see an early sketch of his head above Grasshopper).

Grasshopper represents the basic tier of service and, hence, is the smallest OTCticon (yes, that is a mechanical pencil he is holding). But just because he represents the tier that only provides two dashboards, and is free, that doesn’t mean he isn’t as powerful as his larger teammates!

In addition to designing these robots, Asplenia Studios will be producing regular comic strips featuring the OTCticons, as they helps everyone from small, non-profit, organizations to large multinationals ‘fuze’ their data into one, all-encompassing dashboard.

Stay tuned for more!!!