May 072012
OTUS FB Profile

As our client, OTUS Analytics, gears up for their official launch on May 15th, parts of the website start coming online early.

One is the Pricing Page, where each available level of service is personified through a Dashbot, robot characters created and designed by Asplenia Studios.

Each Dashbot is a homage to either a particular style, or a specific brand of robot/mecha popularized in Japanese animation and/or comics.

Come check out the OTUS Analytics Pricing Page and hover your mouse over each pricing package to see the Dashbot and the features of the package itself.

Don’t forget to visit OTUS Analytics often, as we will also be doing regular comics featuring the Dashbots! Or, stay up to date by liking the OTUS Anayltics Facebook or Google+ pages!

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  2 Responses to “Introducing the Dashbots!”

  1. If you visit our pricing page, use Chrome, Firefox or if you’re using Internet Explorer, first install Chrome Frame! – we only write software with 21st Century web code :-) .. Thanks for the intro, Jeff! You’re an awesome artist.

  2. The twitter link on the pricing page is wrong, it just links to instead of your account. Just sayin’.
    Best of luck on the launch.