Click on the image to see a larger version, and see below the image for details on the subject and composition.


I started this image a long time ago and then, with nearly all of the components in place (each part is drawn separately and then combined in Photoshop), I got distracted by other things. The other day in between legitimate projects I pulled it back out of the proverbial closet, put everything together, slapped a background in there and finished it up.

This is (yet another) Macross-related image. As you can see, it is two of my favorite subjects that I have drawn often in the past: Max Jenius and Millia Fallyna Jenius, and their respective red and blue VF-1J Valkyries (equipped with SUPERpacks).

The lineart for the two characters and the mecha are done in ink, each on a separate sheet of paper. They are then scanned into the computer and colored in Photoshop. Once colored, each part is combined onto a single canvas and the thrust exhaust and background starscape is created.