It has been a tough few months with my back being out of order. Taking care of an increasingly rambunctious baby all day long just adds to the difficulty.

However, good news came in the form of an x-ray that showed my left leg is about 7mm shorter than my right (shouldn’t they test for these things as you grow?). That may not seem like a lot, but it turns it can cause a whole crap-load of problems with your back because your pelvis is tilted which, in turn affects the spine (anyone who has a similar diagnosis knows exactly what I mean). This, coupled with my pre-existing back problems with my slipped disk between L5 and S1, just made things worse.

Based on those results I went to see a pogologue (podiatrist). After a battery of tests on my stride, gait, standing on a scanner, etc., etc. he put together a pair of insoles for me. Their purpose is two-fold. The first is to, of course, raise my leg a bit so that my pelvis is straightened. The other is to help with my terribly flat feet, by adding in some rigid arches.

At first, to get my back and hips back into working order I had to walk a minimum of 15 minutes a day with no stopping (well, I could stop at intersections and stuff). This was hard at the beginning but I soon began to feel better. It felt REALLY good the first time I could sit at the drawing table for an extended period, too.

Over the past month I have been getting better and better! This week, although just begun, has been stellar so far. Yesterday, for the first time in months, I took Vibeke out to the marché (farmer’s market) in the carrier we have, instead of the stroller. I used the one where she is mounted to my front, but she can either sit facing me or facing out. It was a short trip, to be sure, but my back and hips were only a little bit stressed afterward. Good news!

Today has been even better. I was able to go on my first power walk in months this morning. I made 3.75km (2.34 miles) in 36 minutes. Not much for a healthy person, to be sure, but for getting back on the horse, that is great news!

Then, later this morning, Vibeke and I took a casual walk (she was in her stroller this time), making a little over 3.8 km (2.36 miles) in 45 minutes! If my improvement keeps up, I may be able to start jogging again in a couple of weeks.

It feels so nice to be back on my feet again. It feels even better to be active and not have my hip and back hurt so much. It also feels better to know that I can begin to get some good exercising in, because I’ve really packed on some pounds! =o