OK, first- let’s look at the image, shall we?

as always, click on the image above to see a (much) larger version… perfect for your new desktop wallpaper!

This drawing, done completely in marker (although the clean border was added digitally) on a 14″x17″ (35.6×43.2cm) paper, was inspired by the logo below on the left (designed in the early 2000’s by Duke Togo, a member of the MacrossWorld Forums), which is itself inspired combining the NBA/MLB logo designs with the colossal SDF-1 Macross spaceship (below right) in place of the outline of the athlete.


The Macross franchise began with a 36 episode TV series in 1982. Due to the popularity of the series, the creators were able to animate a full-length feature film (Macross: Do You Remember Love? [1984]) which condensed the storyline while updating the character and mechanical designs. These designs are where I have taken my visual cues for the characters in this image.

After moving and finally setting up the ‘art studio’, I completed the Wings of Apollo poster and then wanted to draw something for me before tackling the rest of the Otus Analytics Dashbot comics (coming soon). This is what I decided on, an idea that has been rumbling around in my head for a long while.

I hope you enjoy the drawing as much as I enjoyed making it!