After the big move from France to the UK, it has taken a while to get everything settled into our new home. Over two months in and I have finally been able to set up the small office/studio into something resembling a usable workspace.

Many of the houses in the Oxford area follow the same basic layout. At the top of the stairs there is a teeny tiny room that, technically, qualifies as a bedroom. Although I can’t fathom how anyone but a small child could use it, let alone fit even a single bed in there! So this has become our office/studio. I am taking this photo with my back to the far wall. The door is to my right and, next to my left shoulder and extending all of the way along the wall, is our industrial shelving which holds our files, printer/scanner, and many art supplies (drawing pads, etc.). I have a similar set up as Lyon where I have lines mounted on the wall above the drawing table where I can hang works-in-progress (WIPs) and reference materials. Below that is a bar with attached cups holding my marker sets.


This next photo shows the computer desk in action. With my new desk-mounted arm for the second monitor, I can rotate the monitor 90 degrees if needed. I’ve always wanted to do this because, when drawing comics, I am usually working vertically instead of horizontally. This allows me to see the whole page at a much higher resolution than if the monitor is mounted in the normal landscape layout. You can also see something I have wanted to do for years, and finally got around to- I mounted an angled board to the back of the keyboard tray of the computer desk. When using my graphics tablet, I can put the keyboard there, within easy reach, and put my Wacom tablet in the keyboard tray itself. Hooray!


The desk-mounted monitor arm also allows me to swing the monitor over towards the drawing table. This means no more having to copy and print references, as I can simply throw them onto the monitor. It also means that I can easily watch videos or sports while drawing (when streaming a Wisconsin Badgers game at 2:30am, I need to keep myself occupied, so I tend to draw a lot at the same time). You can also see my new LED light “box” (although there isn’t much ‘boxy’ about it, it is soooo slim!) sitting on the keyboard tray.


The latest and final addition was putting a peg board, purchased from the hardware store, up on the wall. Using this, I can keep my rulers, stencils, french curves, and other assorted tools handy. Smashing!



Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the new Asplenia Studios workspace. I also hope you are equally as excited as I am for all of the new projects we’ll be putting out soon!