Those in the know know that the chocobos from the Final Fantasy series were directly inspired by the horseclaws from Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece “Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind.” However, I’ve always felt that the poor horseclaw has never gotten the recognition it deserves (some people actually think the horseclaw is the copycat), but now it can, via a Street Fighter II-inspired design!

The artwork below is meant to mimic the Versus screen from the Street Fighter II games. Everything was drawn at a very low resolution to give it that pixelated look. All text is redrawn based on the text seen in the SFII games. Once the horseclaw and chocobo were colored and shaded in, I changed the image mode to Indexed, and adjusted the settings to hew closer to to how the characters were shaded in the original games. I then added another layer to give the feel of the scanlines on an old CRT and, voila! 

Now the big question is: who will win?