The art department at the school I work at runs an annual art contest, and this is the second year that staff are invited to participate. Instead of a specific media, like last year’s Graphite requirement, this year’s competition had a simple three word theme- A Different View.

Some version of this drawing has been swirling around my head for a while, and I thought it would work well for this. It is drawn on A3 size paper (11.7″ x 16.5″) using .05mm size pens only.

In the foreground is the IJN Yamato, a World War II-era Japanese battleship. The Yamato class were the largest battleships ever built. All three, Yamato, Musashi, and the Shinano (which was switched to an aircraft carrier mid-construction), were all eventually sunk in action by Allied forces in the Pacific theater.

Flying up in the background is the Space Battleship Yamato from the long-running, often rebooted Japanese anime of the same name. Originally aired in 1974 in Japan (adapted and released in the West as Star Blazers starting in 1979), the story involves an alien race that decimates the surface of the Earth. Humanity retreats to underground cities and, using technology given to them by a peaceful alien race, rebuilds the wreck of the Yamato battleship into a formidable Space Battleship.

The specific details of both ships varies. The Space Battleship Yamato has undergone several different designs in its 30+ year history, but the general silhouette is immediately recognizable amongst fans of classic anime. As for the IJN Yamato, few photos of the ship still exist and, to compound matters, the Japanese destroyed all of the plans for the class as the Allied forces neared the home islands. This leaves me with a little bit of leeway when putting the ship to paper.

Below you can see four samples of the hatching and general ink work. Each of the four squares represents a box equal to 3mm (1.2″) to a side. It looks a bit sloppy close up, doesn’t it?

I am thinking of seeing if I can use a digital watercolor to paint this in, but… we’ll see.