Listed below are links to current and past clients of Asplenia Studios (including before there actually was a Asplenia Studios), as well other useful websites and blogs that you might find helpful. Stop by and visit!


One of two student newspapers at the University of Wisconsin, The Badger Herald was the home for the Too Bloody Drunk comic from 2001-2003. Featuring national stories as well as local news from Wisconsin, it also has updates of their current crop of daily comics.





Founded over twenty years ago, and despite a brief hiatus at the turn of the century, The Smoking Popes have been recording top-notch music consistently. Continuing to pump out catchy tunes with quirky, witty, and always inspired lyrics, the Popes are a great addition to any music collection. (asplenia note- The Smoking Popes were the first widely published products featuring my artwork, seen on several t-shirts [including their first], as well as several 7″ records and compilations)