Too Bloody Drunk was a daily comic strip published between 2001 and 2003 in The Badger Herald, the University of Wisconsin’s independent student newspaper.

Comics were published 5 days a week, but were also beholden to the university schedule. Black and white comics were on Monday through Wednesday, and Friday. On Thursdays the comics were in color, and were larger. Due to this, the artists would alternate getting a color comic every other week. Later on, when the color format was made even larger, we each only got to do a color comic once a month.

Too Bloody Drunk ran the gamut of inane humor to political commentary. None of which was actually very good. The strip started as a testament to the crazy things I had seen (or done) while drinking in Madison. Eventually, I became more of a character within the comic, and real-life people regularly had cameos.

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Fall 2001
Spring 2002
Fall 2002
Spring 2003