Man, are things are insane around here or what? Could it be the massive heatwave hitting the Mid-West and East coast of the USA? Could it be the massive power outages that are screwing over the Chicago area right when the thermometer is pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit?

It could be.

So why not bust out a massive sale at the TWDC Studios merchandise store? If there was ever a time to make a large purchase and save a helluva lot of money, this is it! Just enter the following codes before check-out to get some amazing discounts off of your subtotal:

Coupon Code: GoBig50
Discount: 30% off subtotal of $50

Coupon Code: GoBig100
Discount: 40% off subtotal of $100+

Seriously? 40% off of any order $100 or more? That’s almost half-off! We must be INSANE!!!

The sale runs until July 15th, so act fast!