So through additional early Christmas donations, I was able to round out my collection of art markers. To celebrate, I threw together the image below.

As per usual, I’ll talk about the source material after the image.

click on the image above to see a larger version

Still with me? OK, to begin, this is from Macross. What is Macross? Click here to find out.

Are you back? Good. Now Macross has a lot of entries into the franchise, including video games that are original storylines. The game Macross M3 was for released in 2001 exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast system, and exclusively in Japan. While the game itself was widely considered to be terrible due to control and gameplay issues, the fact remains that the updated flight suit designs and brand new VFs (mass-produced human-controlled fighter jets that can transform into humanoid machines) was exciting for many people.

In this image we have ace pilot Millia Jenius in her distinctively-colored flight suit and, in the foreground, her VF-9 Cutlass (featuring her personal red and white paint scheme).

Of the many VF designs out there, the VF-9 has always been my favorite. However, drawing it can be extremely tricky due to it’s odd shape and forward-swept wings. That is why I have no problems admitting that I used this CGI version of the VF-9 as a reference for the image. Additional detailing was done using the Kawamori Design Works book for source material as well (Shoji Kawamori is the chief VF mechanical designer for the Macross series).