Sometimes the best laid plans are dashed by seemingly inconsequential circumstances.

It seems that TWDC Studios shares an acronym with, what I consider, to be one of the most vile and evil companies in the world. A company who is not only morally and creatively bankrupt, but also is known for being overly litigious in defense of what they like to think is their’s or, more to the point, in efforts to stifle competition. This company also uses the acronym TWDC. They are The Walt Disney Company.

Although I have not been directly confronted by Disney, without going into details, I do believe that I have begun to feel their reach. And while I would dearly love to stick it out and see if I could challenge ‘The Mouse’, frankly I don’t have the desire or energy to do so (not to mention the funds for legal fees, should it ever come up).

So what does that mean for TWDC Studios? Well, we are going to have a name change. TWDC Studios will become Asplenia Studios (those who know me well should get it right away). This will include temporary downtime as we transfer the contents of the website to a new domain, Asplenia Studios (don’t bother, there is nothing there yet), and update any and all hyperlinks within the site. This will also break any previous links or bookmarks you may have used for TWDC Studios, and will smash all of the RSS feeds. jeff’s personal blog, Glossolalia, will also be transfered to the new domain. If you follow TWDC Studios on Twitter, a new account will created shortly with which you can transfer your allegiance.

Also, this will result in a temporary shutdown of the TWDC Studios merchandise store (hosted by Printfection) during which time I am going to explore options of changing the service to Zazzle or Cafepress. Some of our most popular designs will be recreated with the new logo and will be available again shortly.

If you have already purchased (or won) TWDC Studios merchandise in the past, consider it a collector’s item, now. =)

During the downtime between domain changes, keep watching the TWDC Studios pages on Facebook and Google+ for more information. I hope to have this process completed as quickly as possible so that we are up and running by the new year, and I can get back to drawing!

TWDC Studios thanks you for all of your support, and hopes that we will see you on the flip-side at Asplenia Studios!