As the title suggests, the Asplenia Studios store is back and you can now make purchases again. You may note that the “Buy” tab has returned to the menu above. This link now takes you to a separate page, from which you can navigate to the store of your choice (I am working on getting each individual store as a sub-menu on the pull-down menu so that, in the future, you don’t even have to go to the “Buy” page).

Of course, you may also have noticed some things are different. So let’s deal with the changes via a little Q&A:

Q: Hey, your store looks a lot different! What’s up?

Previously, when I was under the moniker TWDC Studios, I used a company called Printfection for my store and print-on-demand services. However, while the staff was, bar none, friendly, helpful, and courteous, the sad fact remains that I was mostly unimpressed and, at times, dissatisfied with the quality of their printing. While I wish Printfection the best and hope that, as they grow, they can continue to improve, at this juncture I simply cannot allow for my customers to receive products of questionable quality.

Because of this, I have moved the store to a larger POD service, Zazzle.

Q: OK, so I went to the “Buy” page, and saw a bunch of flags. What’s up with that, smart guy?

Zazzle operates internationally, and has localized services around the world. By accessing your country’s local Zazzle page (or the country nearest to you), you can not only browse and make purchases in a language you are familiar with, but can also save loads on shipping costs. For example, Printfection did all of their work in Colorado in the USA. So imagine the shipping costs someone in Europe would have to pay just to have a t-shirt or a mug delivered (trust me, I am living in France right now, and it costs A LOT)! By purchasing through your local Zazzle, you pay less and get the items faster!

Q:  So are these other country’s sites any different?

Except for the language, no. No matter which local site you go to, as long as it is Asplenia Studios (usually noted by the “/aspleniastudios” after the main address), it will always have the same merchandise.

Q: That’s pretty awesome!

That was a comment and not a question, but I’ll let it pass this time.

Q: But I remember the old store having a lot more products. Where are they?

The Zazzle process takes a little bit longer to create a product, and some of the old ones are being retired. Never fear, updates will be sent out whenever an old product is ready for the Zazzle store.

Q: How come some of the clothing only comes on white fabric or dark fabric?

I have the option to create items on “light”-colored clothing. However, the color of the fabric tends to show through, especially on parts of the design that are light-colored as well. This, in turn, fundamentally changes the image and, to me, looks bad. So I intentionally choose not to offer it.

Q: Why does the design title say “t-shirt” or “t-shirts” when I can actually choose any clothing, like hoodies, or onesies?

That is Zazzle’s gig. They explained to me that their system automatically adds text describing whatever the item was originally created as no matter what, and it cannot be changed. Never fear, if the sub-category is clothing, then you can get the design on all types of clothing, and not just t-shirts.

Q: Well, thanks for explaining all of that.

You’re welcome.