…well, with extremely limited mobility.

But that has allowed me the time to do a couple of things, some of which may help to promote Asplenia Studios and our comics. From now on, whenever we post a new comic it will be accompanied by this image:

Clicking on this image will take you to a dedicated page on the Top Web Comics website where you can vote for that particular comic strip (ie- GAMERGEEKDADDY will be separate from We Call Them Freedom Fries, and so forth). No login or registration required, either. All you’ll need to do is match an image to verify you are human, and then vote! The more votes it receives, the higher it will be ranked. The higher it will be ranked, the more people will see its ranking and maybe check it out.

The link to the Top Web Comics voting page will also be featured on each comic’s gallery page here on Asplenia Studios, along with another link to ComicRank.com, where you can also “recommend” the comic.

We hope that you take a moment to vote every time you visit. The more people who read our comic, the closer we can get to making Asplenia Studios our full-time gig!