What the heck is Sketchaday, you may ask?

In between taking care of our baby girl all day long and the myriad other things going on in life, I don’t get to set aside a lot of time to draw, and the time I do get is dedicated to working on projects for clients, etc., etc.

I decided that, on days when I don’t get a big block of time to work on what I should be working on, I’ll at least set aside 20 minutes to just whip something out. It may be good, it may be bad. I’m basically baring my heart and soul to you people with the off chance that I will sketch something crappy. But I’ll still put it up.

So this isn’t, literally, a sketch a day. On days when I get real work done, I may not do this. But on the other days, I’ll be here. Sketchin’ away.