Last November, we here at Asplenia Studios were contracted by Wings of Apollo to create an anime-inspired poster design. Although our recent move from France to the UK stalled that a bit (more on that in a later post), we are now ready to show it to the world!


Here we see the distinctive Wings of Apollo logo shining brightly. Above the logo are David (percussion), Pat (bass), and Jesse (guitar, vocals, wild head dress). Below are tens of thousands of screaming fans!

Wings of Apollo are Nashville-based rock ‘n roll band whose popularity is growing daily, fueled by their uncontrollable desire to create powerful rock, an insatiable thirst for gigs, and the fact that their phenomenal self-produced debut album is COMPLETELY FREE*!!!

To keep up-to-date on when this poster is printed and released, as well as other news, keep visiting the Wings of Apollo web page, or go ahead and LIKE them on Facebook!

*although donations are graciously accepted.