I switched (back?) to Apple in 2001 due primarily to being completely fed up with the crapability of Windows and how un-user friendly it was (is). Apple’s new OSX’s ease of use and simplicity was a big selling point. But I haven’t always been gung-ho over each new version of OSX.

In fact I have often, of late, greeted new versions with trepidation as Apple has increasingly begun trying to force their vision on the user. Things like reversing the default scroll wheel direction, or hiding key folders and locations that I regularly access (but, of course, I could always [and have] changed these things back to how I prefer them).

But as more features of the new OSX Mavericks are being released, I find myself cautiously optimistic, even a little excited. Many of these features so far announced are minor tweaks, to be sure. But they will eliminate the need for 3rd-party software by making certain functions and abilities native in OSX, as well as improving my productivity greatly. It also appears that the system will now significantly throttle down background apps, which could be incredibly helpful with the system-intensive programs I use for my art.