People’s imaginations allow them to see images in the clouds. A dragon here, a castle there… Britney Spears when she was a skinhead. This is an amazingly wonderful thing to be able to do. The imagination is such a wild and unpredictable thing.

I see images in EVERYTHING. I can barely look at something that has any sort of pattern without immediately seeing something else in it. To give you a feel for what that is like, I’m starting a new series of artworks. I first take a photo of the object in question, and I will then transition it into a drawing of what I saw via an animated gif, giving you a bit of insight into how I see the world.

This first one is of the ceiling of our living room. It is patterned with random ridges (I’m sure there’s a name for this technique) and, depending on the lighting what I see can be wildly different. I noticed this when I was doing my physical therapy for my back.

Do you see it, too?