Featuring characters from the six-part anime series Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, this is an image of Al, Bernie, and Christina transposed over the NT-1 Gundam “Alex” as it is shrouded in smoke from the field of battle.

I tried two new things (for me) for this image: 1) I used a nib and ink pen to draw the linework instead of my usual technical pens. This was difficult but enjoyable, and you will likely see more in this style soon. 2) I colored the image using a new digital brush for Photoshop which almost accurately emulates a watercolor brush. Light strokes will wash out and ‘absorb’ into the canvas, and multiple stokes over ‘wet’ colors will cause them to blend, bleed, and spread. It is pretty cool!

I have also uploaded this design to my merch page, so be sure to pick up a t-shirt or art print if you like it!