For those of you who know, this needs no explanation.

For those of you who don’t… buckle up: In the early ’90s a bunch of wiseacres put together a show call Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3k, for short). In this this show, the host, along with his two ‘robot’ friends, would watch really bad films and make jokes and comments about them as they played on your screen. To further cement the idea that this was at the cinema, you could see the outline of the theater seats and the three jokesters at the bottom right.

Now, this show lasted a long time (it is actually back in production), and is very hilarious. However, sometimes the movie that they had to watch wasn’t long enough to fill in their two-hour time slot. Often, in cases, like this, they would start first with some short film from the 50’s-60’s before the main feature.

Arguably the best of the ‘shorts’ was  Mr. B Natural, produced by a music instrument manufacturer, it focuses around a boy named Buzz who wants to be cool, just like the other band geeks, and is visited by a very feminine character named Mr. B Natural, who embodies the spirit of music and helps Buzz on his way to becoming a top trumpet player.

Of course, since Mr. B was played by a woman, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mr. B is anything but a Mr., the MST3K crew had a field day with this one. It remains one of the most popular segments ever from the show.