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This isn’t normally what I post here, but I figured “hey, why not?”

What we have here are two Gundam Converge gashapon. Gundam, as you may know from about 1/3rd of my artwork, is a Japanese sci-fi franchise which features giant mecha (they look like robots, but humans pilot them). The Converge series are little rubber miniatures of these mecha, but in a “cute” form, which I usually refer to by the original term “super-deformed” but now most people call “chibi.” Gashapon is, essentially, the name in Japan for the randomly packed toys and stuff you get from vending machines or with candy, although it is now an industry in and of itself (Converge “toys” come with one tiny piece of gum).

One of my favorite Gundam stories is Gundam Sentinel, and two of my favorite Gundam designs/color schemes are also from that story (as evidenced herehere, and here). And while you can get Converge toys of those particular mecha, they are in different color schemes than the ones I like.

Enter my co-worker, who runs the school’s Warhammer club. Warhammer is a fantasy/sci-fi strategy wargame with little miniatures that you have to paint. And since he has that paint lying around, I used some to repaint the original Converge toys (inset) into the color schemes I prefer. I do this over lunch as a kind of de-stressing technique.

To the left is the MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus in the orange Amuro Ray (one of the series’ main protagonists) ‘test type’ colors. This one required a complete primer layer and repaint from the original.

The second is the MSA-011 [EXT] Ex-S Gundam, which is the star mecha of the Gundam Sentinel story. There are two common color schemes for this, one which features red quite a bit (and is the color scheme the Converge toy comes in), which is more in line with traditional color schemes for the actual Gundam; and one which replaces those reds with blue or white, which I prefer. This required less work, as I primarily needed to lay down a white base coat to certain areas and then paint over in blue, white or, in a few cases, grey.