Part 1 (left side) of a three part triptych.

As many of you know, the character Millia Fallyna is one of my favorites from the Macross sci-fi franchise. Along with that, the various dogfights she has against the ace pilot Max Jenius has also been a motif I revisit regularly. 2018 once again sees me embarking on a new project featuring these two characters and, specifically, their appearances as seen in the Macross: Do You Remember Love? film.

The image above is part of the triptych (a three panel illustration), and will be on the left-hand side. In this panel Millia is the main focus and we see her, as well as her signature red Queadluun Rau powered armor firing upon Max in his VF-1S Valkyrie, which is fighter mode. Keen-eyed viewers will see Max using his VF-1S’ head lasers to return fire.

This image took a lot of time coming together, and is quite different from what I originally planned. The three elements were drawn in ink, and the scanned and colored via Photoshop. Through the help of friends and family, I worked through some layout issues and finalized this one, which I feel displays all three components well without sacrificing the prominence of the two combatants.

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